Cerro Hermoso Project

Cerro Hermoso is located in the Puno Region in southern Peru. The property lies 60 km southwest of the city of Juliaca and 5 km northwest from the supply town of Santa Lucia.  The property is 55 km north of Buenaventura’s 7.6 Moz  AuEq San Gabriel “Chucapaca” Project.

Cerro Hermoso Project Highlights

  • Host to a large system with bulk tonnage potential.
  • Located along trend of regional epithermal and carbonate replacement deposits.
  • Extensive sampling and mapping completed to date.
  • Exploration model and targets well – defined.


The Property is comprised of two mining concessions covering a total of 988 Has. Miramont/Puno have a four year option to acquire 100% of the mining concessions. Surface rights are privately held and the company has reached agreement to access the property and conduct exploration activity.

The property is accessed year-round via a two-lane highway that runs from Juliaca to Arequipa. Elevations on the Property range from 4,070 – 4,400 m.a.s.l. from river valley to the top of Cerro Hermoso. 

Water for exploration work is readily available from the Verde River flowing through the Property, subject to required permitting. The nearest point to connect the Property to the national power grid three-phase system is 6 km away near Santa Lucia. 

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Santa Lucia - Site of Miramont's exploration camp

The Cerro Hermoso project in the Santa Lucia district lies along the eastern flank of the Cordillera Occidental on the western edge of the altiplano that separates the Cordilleras Occidental and Oriental in southern Peru. The majority of the Santa Lucia District is underlain by Tertiary volcanic rock and associated intrusive stocks and dikes. The Tacaza Group Volcanics of late Oligocene age predominate in the Property area, consisting of andesitic (shoshonitic) lava and agglomerate flows. Felsic volcanic rocks of the Sillapaca Group, Miocene age, overlie the Tacaza Group on the margins of the district.

Intrusive rocks (hornblende diorite and monzogabbro) are emplaced throughout the Santa Lucia District and are associated with base metal mineralization (Berenguela, Limon Verde Mine). Hornblende diorite stocks and dikes are found along the northern margin of the Cerro Hermoso diatreme hosting veins containing Au-Ag.

The Tacaza Group includes the Cerro Hermoso Formation – felsic, lithic-rich tuffs and breccias produced by phreato-magmatic explosions during the formation of a diatreme in older Tacaza volcanics. The Cerro Hermoso diatreme is the exploration target on the Property.

Map2 Cerro Hermoso
Regional setting for Cerro Hermoso

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Outcrop of volcanic breccia within diatreme

The property covers a large, 1.4-kilometre-diameter volcanic neck (diatreme breccia pipe) hosting extensive showings of mineralization. Miramont has identified four types of epithermal gold – silver – copper – zinc – lead exploration targets within and around the diatreme complex, including (i) breccia – hosted disseminated mineralization; (ii) carbonate replacement deposits; (iii) stockwork hosted bulk – tonnage; and (iv) precious base metal veins.

Breccia-hosted mineralization is the primary exploration target at Cerro Hermoso where significant values of gold have been reported from previous investigations and confirmed by Miramont geologists. Recent observations by Miramont geologists suggest that gold is carried in veinlets and possibly disseminated into the breccia matrix which could form a bulk-tonnage deposit.

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Contact between sulfide-clast and feldspar porphyry phases of diatreme breccia